WhatsApp Plus Mod APK for Android & iOS

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What is WhatsApp Plus Mod Apk?

The WhatsApp Plus Mod APK is the modified version of WhatsApp that offers few similar and few upgraded features. You can find the app in a third-party app store. People whosoever downloaded the app find some exciting and interesting feature in the app that the user can use for various purposes. The user can customize emoticons and backgrounds as well as other things.

WhatsApp Plus Mod APK: What’s New?

Scheduler: The user can use the scheduler option to schedule messages.

Increase Size Limit: The user has the ability to increase the size limit of uploaded audio and video files.

Preview: The user can see the preview of any video that he or she wants.

Statistics: The app shows you more group statistics.

Hide Online Status: The user can hide his or her name and online status by selecting the date and time.

Set the quality: The user have the option to set the quality of image and videos.

Theme design: The user will get the option to download the theme from the app.

WhatsApp Plus Mod APK Features:

  • WhatsApp Plus Mod APK comes with ban proof feature.
  • You can easily recall all the deleted and sent messages.
  • The app offers you free calling as well as video calling.
  • The user can hide the last seen.
  • The app supports two Mods including privacy and theme MODs.
  • You will get a theme server to download and apply themes.
  • The user can change the styles of ticks and bubbles
  • There are 17 ticks & 13 bubbles styles available among which the user has to choose one.
  • The user can see online and last seen
  • The user can send videos with size 30MB whereas if you are using other apps then you can send video with size of 16MB
  • At single point in time, the user can send 90 images whereas other apps supports only 10 images.
  • The user can change his or her status.
  • The user can use 250 characters whereas other apps only accept 139 characters.
  • If the user is copying more than one message then he or she can hide the name and the date.
  • The user can customize the icon of the app and its notifications.

Other Versions of this App:

  • GBWhatsApp APK
  • GBWhatsApp Plus APK
  • YoWhatsApp APK
  • WhatsApp Business APK

How to Download WhatsApp Mod APK for Android?

To download WhatsApp Plus Mod APK, first you need to search it on third-party app store.

After the completion of download process, you have to click on Install icon.

If you receive any error then uninstall the WhatsApp App and then reinstall the app again.

After the complete installation process, you have to verify the number and the start working on the app.

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